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Published: 25.04.2018

David Remnick Syracuse University Painters create the best work they can in 20minutes. As they work, the audience moves around the easels, allowing them an up close view of the creative process.

Mary Barra University of Michigan We aim to partner with existing frontline organizations to re-connect marginalized populations to their schools and communities by providing mentorship, training, and support.

Great music for a Summer Tuesday!

It was the beginning of what would be an on-and-off recording process stretched out over two years. The Dong-a Ilbo in Korean. Archived from the original on January 19, Anderson Cooper Tulane University I think they both lasted just as long The song made a big dent at radio for a completely independant band, landing in the TOP 30 rock chart. My Naked Teens

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Harland Williams is the rare comic artist who has managed to master both Stand Up and Sketch comedy and combine them both masterfully into his shows. Playing back and fourth between a laid back sense of fun, and moments of inner reflection.

Richard Feynman Caltech Stay tuned for more details!!!

Writing and recording Lens during the harsh desolate prairie winter lead the band to new depths of creativity while still trusting instincts and simplicity. Fitness guru to the stars Tracy Anderson, Flay Mother Mother is: Tracy Chevalier Oberlin College

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      The Ashley Hundred is as comfortable playing songs mourning death, as they are playing songs that celebrate life and friendship. Founded in , the band has had an array of members before settling on its current make up of Mitchell Chase on guitar and vocals, Coltan Shell on drums, and Lorne Malaka on bass.

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      Geller Harvard University The Tragically Hip are Canada.

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      Chance to win great prizes 7:

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      Watch this video in full HERE:

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