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Destiny strike turn off matchmaking

Published: 16.05.2018

Now the group is totally splintered because the matchmaking can't accommodate people of varying skills. It doesn't make sense to force players to perform on an mlg level in every match. But that's impossible thanks to SBMM.

I just don't understand how Bungie moved to this model when having a ranked vs social experience would vastly improve the experience for most. The whole thing was probably a hoax. Side Note - It is a fair assumption that Bungie wants broad appeal with Destiny so it is fundamentally important to them that they keep the elite separated from the casuals as much as possible in PvP.

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Go in with your buddies, sit back, and have fun. I don't care if I lose but I shouldn't be punished into having to play sweaty every single game just cause my stats are good. I have 14mps down and 0. If you want to win you have to conform to the meta in most games.

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I just started playing it and I've been matched with a ton of a new players and have finished in the top 3 every game. We are literally broken records over here. I used to advocate for it as an average player at best, thinking I would get stomped less often, but really I am just less likely to get matched with scrubs that one time late Saturday night which lets me finish all my IB bounties in that one "damn, I'm smooth, let me save this vid".

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    1. gema - 22.05.2018 in 16:34

      You want to give your customers a good experience with the MP. The fort of salt in me is on a level ive never seen before.

      Dron_Noris - 23.05.2018 in 17:18

      Your stats won't be tracked.

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