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Halo matchmaking not working still

Published: 08.05.2018

We will have the full details of this update when the update goes live late afternoon PST. Stupid move having all those playlists anyway, all that does is fragment the limited number of people trying to play.

Sign up for free! But they don't, for some reason it's only H3 for me.

Please keep an eye on this thread http: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 2: Games can start with unbalanced teams. Region Specific Issues Australians reporting extremely long matchmaking times.

Microsoft deploys new server-side update to help improve matchmaking times, but it's not working for everyone.

In the meantime, if you do not find a match after five minutes of searching, please quit the search and re-enter Matchmaking by searching again. Tried deleting local data, clearing persistent storage, doesn't work.

Literally the only issue I had was the terminals are BS. Then you are running around with 5 people vs. Too many console koolaid drinkers. For the latest updates, please keep an eye on the official service status page:

Halo Matchmaking Still Doesn't Work

Only game I am interested in for the most part and have to wait 5 minutes to get in a game post patch. Agree 23 Disagree What am I supposed to do? Additionally, we have a Content Update going live tomorrow that will address fixes for scoring and stats. It's basically the previous winter again. It's a crying shame, because I am already over AW and MCC was supposed to be my go-to multiplayer game for the foreseeable future.

    1. Robick_Sucre - 15.05.2018 in 18:23

      Additionally, we also noticed that the CU inadvertently introduced some new UI bugs, which will be fixed shortly.

      Danil_Wetton - 26.05.2018 in 02:04

      I enjoy clusterfuck matches. I will say that some of the missions are, in fact, a little repetitive.

      Oliver_Brown - 29.05.2018 in 05:30

      Some players report that certain titles tend to experience dramatically more latency and packet loss based lag demonstration than other games, for reasons that are entirely unclear.

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