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Ouran highschool host club dating quiz long results

Published: 17.06.2017

Compared to Mori, Satoshi is talkative and cheerful. In the July and August special chapters, however, the hosts are shown to miss Kyoya quite a bit, to the point that they convince themselves that the lookalike ghost of an Otori ancestor is actually Kyoya's "living ghost" in the August special chapter; Tamaki also makes the effort to meet up with him when he is visiting the United States in the July special chapter.

Episode 5 the twins fight:

Their birth date is June 9, a date chosen by the manga artist to show that they are alike yet different, [7] and they are 15 years old at the beginning of the series.

In chapter 77, they find out that Anne-Sophie suffers from systemic lupus erythematosus. What happens in the middle of the date the terrifies Haruhi?

From that point on, they deceive others in varied ways and expect to be deceived in return. Kaoru sets Hikaru up on a date with Haruhi to help the two make up, but when Haruhi gets caught alone in a thunderstorm and Hikaru is reluctant to go after her, Tamaki finally lets out the secret that Haruhi is afraid of thunder to get him to move. In volume 16, his actions help Tamaki strengthen his relationship with his grandmother. He lives at the Suoh family's second mansion while his father stays at the main mansion with his grandmother. Although she returns to France, she is no longer forbidden from seeing Tamaki.

Who is a girl?

Haruhi remarks in the first episode that it has been ten years since her mother died, which makes her about five years old at that time. Kasanoda does not realize that the special reasons consist of Haruhi's debt to the club.

No one knows where she is, though Yuzuru has some idea. In France, Kyouya learns the location of Tamaki's mother. She is finally reunited with Tamaki thanks to his friends who helped him get to the airport in time for her departure after a brief visit to Japan.

THE HOST QUIZ! - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls

Soon after, Kyouya is overlying Haruhi on Kyouya's bed, but lets her go when Haruhi unmasks his plot to frighten her. Interested in the unknown ways of a "commoner's lifestyle," the Host Club visits Haruhi's apartment. Anne-Sophie is often very sick. This leads her to try to drive a wedge between Haruhi and Tamaki, with some degree of success.

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      Episode 6 the grade school host is the naughty type: When he tries to admit his feelings to Haruhi, he is rejected with no ill intent, as she considers him an understanding friend due to Kasanoda saying she could be at ease because he had come to see her so Haruhi could talk to someone who knew her secret.

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      Kurumi Mamiya Portrayed by: In the manga, he becomes uncharacteristically talkative and flirtatious when tired.

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      During one of his visits to the Host Club, the twins add Tabasco sauce to Satoshi's tea, which he then declares is delicious, leaving other characters to doubt that he has any taste buds. Kasanoda therefore initially does not talk much, though he can be angered easily.

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