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Nigerian dating scams zoosk

Published: 14.06.2017

I heard of the show Catfish and did a pic search for a friend who he is talking to. I could wink at one at 1am and some how they answer me right away in 3 min s so and so sent you a message and you have to pay to read the message.. Met a good looking man, thought I was in love, told me he needed money to pay workers, hotels he was independent contractor told you anything u wanted to hear,asked me to take a loan out for

You are attempting to upload an invalid image. Scam Stories Scams on Match.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Zoosk reviews below. From the router or Internet service provider or something.? Submit a text post or link. They even spoke on the phone.

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So he used most of the funds he intended for airfare to pay for co workers medical expense. The real Andrew Wilson is still there from working but his boss has not payed him but I think he got scammed too because he told me he just turned his boss into the law enforcement there and their to arrest him and ask him why he is not paying the real Andrew and how the other scammer got the real Andrews info is he hacked the real Andrews email address while he was working over there so just be careful that u get the rite one if u do catch him.

This is an archived post. I am filing a claim with my credit card company to get my money back from Zoosk.

Nigerian dating scam

Please check text spelling before submitting a comment. Loved my experience on Zoosk. I tried to update add content into my profile since I had none this morning. Thank you Susan Circh. We only allow images and self posts on this subreddit for safety reasons. I'd say I found emails that stated I said:

    1. Nick_Roode - 17.06.2017 in 11:04

      Refund Policy Since this service is offered with a pay per month plan, as well as all other shipment plans needing to be paid in advance, their Terms and Conditions clearly states that all charges and fees are non-refundable.

      Carl_Montana - 21.06.2017 in 07:41

      Cindy on November 23, 7:

      Lanre_Rikka - 30.06.2017 in 11:50

      I wish I could give a minus review. Says he was wdowed when his daughter was 5.

      Fred_Steel - 08.07.2017 in 09:36

      OK so hell i fig i would be getting some E-Mails back from people but here is the kicker you can receive E-Mails only from other paying people I must of sent out dozens of chat request and got none back Not sure where this scammer is that is acting like the real Andrew Wilson and all, plus I don't even know how this scammer got my email and number to do this to me and make me think it's the real Andrew but I caught on after I looked things up.

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