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Dating your best friends sister

Published: 20.06.2017

But I was ok with it as he was on of the good guys of our group. Not like I care as long as they treat each other well.

Even a very good friend will ditch you if you complicate his life too much, because he probably can't ditch his sister. You are allowed to gawk at her beauty. When they broke up it took a while to heal things between us, a few years.

She's also incompatible with me though, and she lives far away. I don't love the people my sister brings home. Weigh out the complications before deciding to enter into one of these sibling relationships.

Anyway, Emily and I have kept in contact.

I'm dating my best friend's sister...

I really wonder if you're feeling some guilt about the sex? They are both adults. They never dated, just hooked up a few times. He is not the overprotective type, but he didn't seem to care even a little. Now though I think if she were interested, I would probably try dating her, the one brother used to be my roommate and pretty much told me he thought his sister and I would make a great couple and the other nothing bothers him.

    1. Dimasya_Moretti - 24.06.2017 in 14:12

      You have a chance of being really happy, and if you feel confident there won't be a terrible fall out if things go south than you shouldn't let that pass you by. Why would a sibling, especially a younger sibling, be any different?

      Kirill_Zaharov - 01.07.2017 in 16:38

      Dating his sister may be one of the things that would be crossing that line.

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