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Dating drey mason jars

Published: 04.05.2018

I have several pre Drey jars, including one that is a smoky colored glass not clear. Skip to main content.

These reproductions are copies of the old Hero jars made in the s. Frey Pefect Mason I don't find a number.

I am always looking for extra zinc lids to go with the ones I have bought sans lid. That was the date when John Mason received his patent for the threaded screw-type closure, and it appears on many different brands of jars. It is always good to find a jar with an zinc lid!

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Un-doing old repair Posted By Yimbo 0 replies Yesterday, There is a rumor that jars with the number 13 were more valuable because superstitious people were afraid to can in them, broke them or threw them away. Some of these are civil war era. AH Angelia Harris Sep 2,

18 Clever Ways To Use A Mason Jar

When this jar's two- plate top with a wingnut proved defective, most were thrown out. The jar itself was produced for a grocery store concern called Oakley.

Machine-made jars after the s have a more modern look and frequently have small scars on the bottom indicating they were made on more modern, sophisticated machines.

They built a fruit-jar empire by mass producing and distributing trainloads of jars across the country. The modern two-piece metal cap and ring with a new jar is the best system for home canning. Ignore the patent date.

    1. Johnny_Kesvill - 13.05.2018 in 07:07

      It enabled me to date bottles back to the

      Martin_Lorence - 20.05.2018 in 20:51

      These jars freed farm families from having to rely on pickle barrels, root cellars, and smoke houses to get through the winter. Owens-Illinois acquired another part of the Root company and operated one of the company's plants until

      Just_Ghost - 21.05.2018 in 22:25

      Other square jars date from the 20s, 30s and later.

      Danil_Lolkin - 22.05.2018 in 21:57

      Ball began using block letters for the logo on their jars in , and continued using this type of logo until

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