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My baby daddy is dating someone else

Published: 07.06.2017

Mine was an addict which ended our marriage along with whatever came with the addiction, we've been divorced now going on 5 yrs. How can I cope with my babydaddy seeing someone else, when I still love him? She has recently started seeing a new guy and she brought him with her to drop the child off so, my fiancee being the concerned and outgoing person that he is, walked up to the new guy and put his hand out to introduce himself, the guy didn't even say a word.

You don't know the half once you take that step. The fact that a woman would give you her all, only for you to throw it away if the baby mama so much as wishes it

Michael and i have been married for Four years now, we have been doing relatively fine although is mother doesn't like me,she has been trying to separate us ever since we got married. I have been playing both roles as mother and father for the past 16 years taking the responsibility financially, physically, and emotionally. My ex still co texted me and I told him if he continued I would file a restraining order for harassment. He says she's very confrontational and he doesn't want drama. No other girl would do the same with him. Ive been with a couple girls intimately but pales in comparison to her.

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Use your Psych Central account in our self-help support community now. Hi george im new to all this so please bare with me He says he loves her now because they are having a child together and he can't let his child to be in a broken home.

I had a miscarriage shortly after that. If he is tripping a lot, he's probably still screwing her. She reply saying okay was just giving you the heads up or I think I dropped the tea.


You don't think your child will want to know their brother and sister? You think he hates you now? Let go and somebody better will come along. When we finally saw each other I took my kids to school and he told me to give him 5 min to talk so I did he said what he needed to say and then he kissed me and hug me so fast I was chocked with my mouth open like what just happened. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

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