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Published: 21.05.2018

But then, you tend to attract advertisers' attention when you are serving up 1. One year-old user told the Independent: Hmmmmmmmmm Seems was just not meant to be.

Share Share on Facebook. Working a few hours an evening for two weeks, Frind built a crude dating site, which he named Plenty of Fish.

With friends and family, Frind expresses affection through playful pranks. Pick a market in which the competition charges money for its service, build a lean operation with a "dead simple" free website, and pay for it using Google AdSense. But this one is way more mellow. As Frind gets up to leave, I ask him what he has planned for the rest of the day. Avid, which has also courted Plenty of Fish, derives most of its revenue from Ashley Madison, a dating website for married people tag line:

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Plenty of Fish is a designer's nightmare; at once minimalist and inelegant, it looks like something your nephew could have made in an afternoon. He says he leased an office because he was tired of working at home. Stretches arms out real wide Another, aged 29, said: The Plenty of Fish website, which counts its membership at 55 million people worldwide, is to scrap its "intimate encounters" function after it became apparent that many of its female users were not what they seemed.

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But cleaning up other people's messes taught Frind how to quickly simplify complex code. First, you can't waste money if you are not doing anything.

Not only has Frind managed to run his company with almost no staff, but he has also been able to run a massive database with almost no computer hardware. They swim by often where I seem to fish.

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      As growing legions of lovesick people around the globe search for their perfect mates and advertisers fall over one another to write him ever larger checks, he just kicks back and smiles.

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