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How do i hook up my intex pool pump

Published: 09.06.2017

Step 39 Open shut off valves. I would like to change the who filter system including connections on the pool so that I would be able to use a traditional pool vacuum instead of the chincy ones intex sells.

And check for debris caught in the grating where the hose connects to the filter pump.

Turn on the pool's pump or turn on the water to the garden hose. Step 6 Push the hose into the hose connection on the pool following the symbols printed on the outside of the pool liner.

Step 27 Locate the upper distributor and press it into the center hole located under the tank cover. The tank cover should be oriented as shown so that the notch on the cover is aligned with the matching tab on the filter tank — this ensures proper alignment. Since Intex pumps hook to your pool through two hose connections, installing the pump primarily involves the hose installation. Remove any debris of spare parts and replace the strainer making sure it is set in properly. Attach a length of pipe onto the waste port which is opposite the filters return post just connected. If the pool has algae growth on the bottom or sides, use a scrub brush to loosen it.

Step 31 Use a rubber mallet to tap around the ring for a better fit. Place the vacuum head on a clean surface and attach the telescopic pole.

When water backflows out of the vacuum, tighten the air release valve back in a clockwise direction. Step 17 Pull the bottom strainer out of the tank. They range from inexpensive manual vacuums that require a considerable amount of work, to expensive robotic vacuums that do all of the work themselves. Keep Learning How do you backwash a pool sand filter?

Intex 1000 gal/hr Filter Pump Model 637 Setup Instructions

Step 39 Open shut off valves. Fill the sand chamber half full of water. Does the pump keep the pool walls and bottom clean?

All Intex pools take this difference into account, and the pump that comes with your pool is designed to easily keep your pool water clean and sparkling. Secure the hose with a hose clamp. Place the base plate and pump on the level hard surface next to your pool.

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      If the pool has algae growth on the bottom or sides, use a scrub brush to loosen it.

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