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Quran quotes about dating

Published: 01.06.2018

Please feel free to tell these Muslim spokesmen that you disagree with their abusive and oppressive ideas about women:. And whoever denies the faith - his work has become worthless, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. Through these injunctions, he reclaimed women from the slavery which had been their lot for thousands of years, to which they were forced in every land, and the yoke of which every religion had put on their neck.

You are also evidently blinded to the world around, as one look at the status of women in many Muslim-dominant countries will show precisely this blatant oppression.

These ignorant people used to bury female daughters alive. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this [period] if they want reconciliation.

Muslim women should not tolerate this and therefore your faith is through fear not love for your god, you dont have free will! The time is not distant, however, when the world will accept the guidance coming from the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in these matters as it has already done in others, and which the Holy Prophet initiated on behalf of the freedom of women will bring forth its fruits to the full. Lastly if you believe Muslims follow their religion blindly then you must think even worse of Christians. Just a thought, if there was a god would he not have crushed all the pretenders by now instead of letting this world suffer at the hands of delusional god makers!!!!!! And if he had brothers [or sisters], for his mother is a sixth, after any bequest he [may have] made or debt. And the routes to use are also made absolutely clear — first, admonish them; then refuse to share a bed, and then if that does not help, then beat them lightly.

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In Tasmania, a law was passed in that misconduct, desertion for four years, drunkenness, indifference for three years, imprisonment, beating, insanity, should, one and all, be sufficient conditions of divorce.

Also, in most Muslim countries, the woman keeps her own last name, and her own identity. Why or why not? Unlike many countries, we have the freedom to criticize politicians, and we do quite vociferously, so, again, your deflections reveal your ignorance.

And to those Muslims who are being judged and oppressed, stay strong in faith. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.

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It should bring shame to you that you use such disrespectful epithets. Violence — the reason why the life on earth should end. You can overcome this conditioning. What do you think about all the priests that go around having sex with children?

Women are work if they want to have their own source of income, rather than relying on a man to provide for them. Does Allah want everyone to blindly follow the interpretation of the Koran that a handful of imperfect people have produced or does do instead want them to read the book and decide for them selves?

    1. Alex_315 - 11.06.2018 in 13:40

      Related Questions Why do people believe that the Qur'an prohibits dating?

      Kot_Barsik - 13.06.2018 in 13:37

      Unfortunately Non of us Muslims are practicing islam.

      Dee_Toy - 19.06.2018 in 04:17

      Whenever the husband liked, he could drive her out of the house, and she was condemned to wander about homelessly. Now just like many Christians cannot answer to other people why The Old Testament talks about the killing of gays.

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