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Pof dating not working

Published: 03.06.2018

Look at all the mens after u now? BBC iPlayer issues on Feb 8. Hey jen, im having the same problems.

Is it anyone is getting a network issue when trying to upload pictures? Not a great place to find a wife , but a prime hunting ground for the man looking to play some catch and release.

Plenty of fish is down for me, December 22, I cannot log in. I tried to reset it, and never got an email. Hey everyone, POF was just sold to another dating site that is not free. For me, I waited for a day before I upload my pictures, and then I signed in and out for several times, also with POF app on the phone.

Plenty of Fish Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Is it still down? Now I cannot get the app working and I really like this girl as she does me i hope. Crystal Trepanier Van Amburg. I pay money to be on this site. Would you be any different? This is twice it happened to me.


For me, I waited a day before I upload my pictures, and then I signed in and out for several times also with POF app on the phone.

In addition, if you experience that POF not working, you can contact Plenty of Fish customer service to asking about that. Someone told me that my profile was deleted.

Coming from someone who is spending time commenting on a website about websites being down… ummmm!? So lie about your height.

    1. Danil_Bomber - 09.06.2018 in 19:16

      Plenty of Fish was down for way too long, when it did finally come back online it went offline soon after. I cannot acess POF either in last 14 hrs.

      Klokova_Nastasi - 10.06.2018 in 19:24

      Am really annoyed nothing is being done about this!!

      Eliot_Shooter - 13.06.2018 in 19:56

      The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy.

      Vova_Prokopenko - 24.06.2018 in 00:13

      A friend of mine had his hacked. What makes her unique or interesting?

      Ruslan_Lacoste - 01.07.2018 in 14:50

      The guy did specify he is from another country so there is nothing wrong if his grammar is not perfect , you understood perfectly what he wrote don't you? Is my profile gone?

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