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Type 3 chi-nu kai matchmaking

Published: 20.06.2017

BigZoomBear 7 Posted 24 June - Its value as a crew training platform is extremely limited; it has a crew of four and two of those are Radiomen.

FreedomBird66 17 Posted 24 June - Failed to log in.

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The two worth noting at Tier II are the T1E6 and Tetrach, but the chances of you being able to buy either is extremely limited. I run it the same, sit with binocs and try not and get spotted. CreakyOrangePL 18 Jul Next up we have the US T34 Heavy. Thread is about the premium CNK. The CNK's bounciest part is its turret.

Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai. Как играет? Как фармит?

It was ready for trials in March of It was ready for trials in March of Retrieved from " http: And now that I made it an elite tank it should be another favorite of mine. The Japanese Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Medium is something of a departure for the other Premium Mediums in the fact that it has a high alpha, high penetrating gun — one of the best Tier V tanks in this respect Premium or otherwise.

    1. Matthew_Johnson - 23.06.2017 in 08:27

      The Type 3 was allocated to the Japanese home islands to defend against the projected Allied Invasion. Add the vehicle with its basic configuration to comparison Remove vehicle from comparison Add the vehicle with its current configuration to comparison Remove vehicle from comparison.

      Max_Rinthon - 27.06.2017 in 13:49

      This is a Premium vehicle.

      Fiadel_Guerrero - 01.07.2017 in 16:20

      Wikimedia Commons has media related to Type 3 Chi-Nu.

      Jonny_Three - 11.07.2017 in 10:46

      The downsides to 8.

      Hacker_Hacker - 18.07.2017 in 08:36

      Let your voice be heard!

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