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Dating a religious person

Published: 15.04.2018

Almost all people insist on raising their children in the religion they belong to and even among couples who are religious, this can cause some tension usually because they belong to different religions or have different doctrines.

I told her the source was "probably legit because it's quoted verbatim..

What matters is that you talk with her. Want to add to the discussion? Some people meet at church.

Biblical Dating Series

Dating a religious person self. She immediately tells me that I must have bad sources or I must be getting info from islamophobic sites because the Quran does not ever call for violence against women. It all depends on how much she lets religion rule her life. Turn Offs - Likely have very different and potentially incompatible views on many things - I have a hard time respecting beliefs that are based on magical thinking and blind faith.

Have You Dated a Very Religious Person with Biblical Sex? Question

Religion doesn't really effect the relationship at all until someone makes it a problem. If this happens, the feelings might not be that strong. Apparently, this means they aren't dating.

Unlike a lot of religious people I know, we honestly think about what the other is saying before accepting or rejecting it. It sounds like she's OK. Catholic Students Association Chaplain Faye Darnall agrees that children brought up with two conflicting religious traditions may not feel truly connected to either of them.

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      She is an atheist, as is my boyfriend and their whole family. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points.

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